work : shooting a commercial (updated)

work :  shooting a commercial (updated)

    Last week I shot a commercial for a big beverage company in the streets of LA. (I’ll tell you which one once the commercial is released.)  Matter of fact, this commercial was shot in my old neighborhood which was kinda cool since I lived there for 2 years when I first moved to […]

work : Kay Jewelers Xmas Commercial

work : Kay Jewelers Xmas Commercial

Yesterday I bumped into my “girlfriend” from this Kay Jewelers commercial at an audition held in Hollywood.  As always, it was a pleasure catching up with her because she tends to speak knowledge on living life and making family come first.  Honestly, that enlightenment of hers inspires me to get better in both of those […]

work : Kohl’s Commercial w/JLO

work: Kohl’s Commercial w/JLO

On this commercial I got to play an artist receiving  an American Music Award when Jennifer Lopez unexpectedly pops in during my interview with Daisy Fuentes.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with Jennifer and Daisy.  Ms. Fuentes gave me some great advice about the entertainment industry while we were shooting and I really […]

shooting commercial: Michael Jackson Experience

Harness 4 "Smooth Criminal" lean....

This week has been nothing less than awesome. I just wrapped a commercial where I got the chance to learn some of the iconic moves of Michael Jackson from one of his dancers, Chucky Klapow. As a little kid I idolized Michael Jackson….and if someone would have told me then that I would one day […]