Thank You- Birthday AFA -Brandon Claybon

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, the phone calls, the text messages, the instagram posts, the breakfast dates, the lunch dates, the dinner dates (I like to eat..LOL), the drinks, the conversations, the company, the songs, the books, and the donations made to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. I don’t say these words often […]

It’s my birthday : Will you help me?

Birthday AFA -Brandon Claybon (1)

Every year for my birthday I like to donate to a non-profit organization that I support, and this year that non-profit is the  Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) .   Alzheimer’s disease has affected many of my family members throughout the years, and still ’til this day there is no known cure for this disease that attacks […]

announcement: B-DAY


October 10th….my birthday is quickly approaching and I honestly don’t have any plans yet. One thing I really enjoying doing last year was having a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Memphis (my hometown). Unfortunately, this year I won’t be able to head a fundraiser but I will be donating to the Alzheimer’s Foundation […]


Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mama….LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I hope you like your gift. You deserve so much more. Enjoy your day! P.S. I would post a picture of my mom for you guys to see….but she would KILL ME! haha