work : Brandon shoots 4th commercial of 2016


Ok…Ok….I know this picture looks more like an R&B album cover but actually it’s just a place holder until the new commercial comes out.  Then I will give you more details and behind-the-scenes footage.  In the meantime, who’s ready for the NFL playoffs? … might just see this face during that time. (hint, hint :p)

spotlight : need help finding your creative power?

spotlight : need help finding your creative power?

This post is for all my creatives out there (which includes actors, singers, artists, and all creative minded-people). Faith Rumer, my acting coach, has partnered with her friend Lou, and together they have made it their mission to help artistic people get rid of any creative blocks or resistance that’s stopping them from sharing their […]

work : Brandon shoots for MGM


This was a cool late night shoot, and the MGM clients were great as well.  Actually my favorite part of the 1 day shoot was the wardrobe.  Everything I had on was Prada, and I could tell the quality was pretty high just from the feel of the fabric.  I can only dream of the […]