update : what a year already?!


Hey guys….Brandon here!  Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog this year as consistently as before.  I’ve had a little trouble getting back into the groove.

Although my personal life took some hits earlier in the year….I have continued to stay busy with work (which is a blessing.)  But I didn’t actually start this post to talk about myself.  I wanted to shed light on a friend who had a stroke at the beginning of the year.  Fortunately, he’s going through recovery right now, but he needs some help to offset some of the high medical bills accumulated over the past three months. His name is Malaku and he’s pictured with me in the photo below.  Please take a few minutes to read his story, and if you feel it in your heart to give a token of love or support….please do!  Thank you all for supporting me in all my endeavors. Much love….BC



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