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bet.com : interview w/ Ryan Reynolds + Samuel L. Jackson


Also check out Brandon's interview with Salma Hayek below: … Read More...

bet.com : interview w/ Halle Berry


What an honor and a pleasure it was interviewing this beautifully talented legend.  Check out the bet.com video below and make sure to see Ms. Berry's new film, Kidnap, this Friday!!!  #DontMessWithMom … Read More...

work: Brandon shoots for Barco Uniforms


We believe in a uniform’s power to inspire and elevate. Not just appearance, but also the person, the place and the sense of purpose that happens when the two come together. For us, it’s about showing respect for the … Read More...

work : Brandon shoots for 5.11 Tactical


It all started with a pair of pants. The FBI Training Academy adopted the original 5.11® Pant as its training pant in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship that drives 5.11®’s commitment to public safety and the … Read More...

work : Brandon shoots for Hyundai Sonata



work : Look who’s getting married!


Let's be honest....the only thing I'm marrying these days is my career.  But it was a lot of fun playing dress up with Dillards recently in Dallas, TX.  Check out my beautiful wife below... So many #milestones … Read More...

work : Realtor.com Commercial

work : Realtor.com Commercial

Check out the new commercial from Realtor.com that I'm featured in (The Not Yous).  It was a pleasure shooting with these guys, and I have to say that I really dig the meaning behind the advertisement.  People might look … Read More...

update : what a year already?!


Hey guys....Brandon here!  Sorry I haven't been updating the blog this year as consistently as before.  I've had a little trouble getting back into the groove. Although my personal life took some hits earlier in the … Read More...

work : Brandon shoots ad for Walmart


This set was like a family affair!  I don't think I've ever had a shoot were I knew so many people.  It was crazy how we all knew each other through mutual friends. (Small world!) The two girls in the image above … Read More...